Here you'll find helpful answers to common questions about working at Bayer.

What benefits are available to employees?

Eligible employees are provided with Your Bayer Rewards, a comprehensive package of health and financial benefits, special advantages and professional development opportunities.

How can I further my development at Bayer?

The Education Assistance Program encourages the continuous learning of eligible employees by providing financial support to those who attend educational programs that will prepare them for a current or future career opportunity. Through this program, an eligible employee applies and can be reimbursed for expenses towards accredited post-secondary and post-graduate courses.

What other training programs are available to Bayer employees?

We encourage and support all employees to achieve their maximum potential through continuous learning and effective career management. We offer an array of internal programs featuring various online tools and resources, as well as external, customized training and leadership programs (both local and international) for teams and individuals based on developmental needs.

Does Bayer have defined career paths?

Bayer hires people for careers, not to fill jobs. Our career planning process is unique to every employee, providing specific guidance and development opportunities to help them achieve their goals. We encourage employees to manage their career in partnership with their manager and the organization, taking advantage of our CareerFlexx approach - a career planning model that accommodates vertical and lateral career moves to broaden each employee's base of skills and experiences.

How can I find out what jobs are currently open?

Available career opportunities may be found on the Opportunities link of our Careers section.

What is Bayer's application and hiring process?

The process is as follows:

  • Jobs are posted internally and online
  • Candidates submit their application electronically
  • Applications are reviewed by recruiter against specific criteria requirements
  • Successful candidates are interviewed
  • Finalist is identified
  • Reference checks are completed on all final candidates
  • Bayer presents employment offer

How can I apply for Bayer positions outside of Canada?

Candidates can apply to Bayer positions outside of Canada by visiting our Global Career portal

What happens once I submit my résumé?

All candidates will be screened against required qualifications and relevant experience.

How long will my résumé remain on file at Bayer?

Résumés are kept on file for six months.

How will I know the status of my submission(s)?

Only qualified applicants will be granted an interview.

How will I know if a job is filled?

Only interviewed candidates will be informed of the progress and when the job is filled.